Reason EP

by Funk Rabbit

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released September 2, 2014


tags: funk Melbourne


all rights reserved


Funk Rabbit Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Smart Phone
If I don't record this moment, I'll never get to see it again
And I can't trust my memory, oh no, no, no
I wanna show all my friends what a time I've had
But no, I saw through another lense

No, I can't let it go
It's getting out of control
It's taking over my soul

Feeling bored and lonely if I don't have it by my side
Feeling disconnected, oh no, no, no
Everyone around me, holding their phone up high
So why do I feel the need to hold up mine?

No, I can't let it go
It's getting out of control
It's taking over my soul

Coulda seen the show with my own eyes but I got it on my smart phone
Coulda felt the groove running through me if I left my phone at home
Coulda felt the beat of the kick drum but was busy holding up my phone
Coulda been part of the moment...
Track Name: Reason
Some say that life ain't got no reason
Well I beg to differ on that one
You've just got to find your reason
And then you'll find you're at one

Ignore the thoughts of doubt and worry
Accept that fear will take hold
If you are true to what's inside of you
Then life will surely unfold

Do you know it's all in your head?
Anyone can feel the same
It's up to you to choose your mindset
And then you'll feel a different way

Some say you're fine and it won't be too long till you are strong, but
But they don't know the life you know
I know it feels impossible but if you search inside your soul
Find who you are on your own
Track Name: Halfway
If you ain't gonna meet me halfway
I'm gonna get off the line
I don't wanna hear your reasons why you can't ever come to mine
I know the way to your home and it's on a two-way street
And if you ain't gonna meet me halfway, you're gonna see less of me

You call me up in the evening to work out what to do
But 9 times out of 10, baby, I gotta go out to you
And if you wanna meet for a good time, you gotta get off your seat
Coz if you ain't gonna meet me halfway, baby, don't ever bother calling me
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